Visual Impact


Infrastructure has particular significance in the landscape. Whether it be the linear features of a road or rail expressway, stormwater catchment or the singular presence of a prominent built form structure, each may bring with them high levels of impact on the surrounding landscape. These may be potential night-time impacts and in the case of road corridors the impacts from vehicle and fixed carriageway lighting.

Transport routes have another significant effect on our perception of the landscape in that they are also frequently the means by which much of our landscape is observed.

The relationship between the visual impact of major infrastructure developments and the character of the wider landscape therefore demands the particular expertise and consideration of the landscape architect.

Why Hemisphere Design?

Hemisphere Design has experience in the design, assessment, and visualisation of major transport and infrastructure projects in South Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Teritory. Our staff would be pleased to work with you to develop and communicate appropriate solutions for your specific project needs.

Adelaide Parklands Montage by Hemisphere Design

Adelaide Parklands Creek Rehabilitation, Adelaide, SA

Torrens Lake Rehabilitation

Torrens Lake Rehabilitation, SA

Bakewell Underpass

Bakewell Underpass, Mile End, SA

Lincoln Gap Wind Farm Landscape Visual Impact Assessment

Lincoln Gap Wind Farm, SA

Energy and the Landscape

Energy projects include generation (wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion) as well as the transmission and distribution of power. They can range from large projects like wind farms and overhead lines, to domestic scales, but all can have important effects upon their locality. They invariably require careful consideration as to siting and an understanding of the impacts created by their installation. The Energy Sector recognises, better than most, that landscape architects are ideally placed to assist them in the assessment and design of their infrastructure.

Why Hemisphere Design?

We have experience in working on a wide range of energy projects, including renewable energy visualisation in wind and solar farms. We have also been involved in large and small power line routing projects since 2010, currently working on planning applications for ElectraNet, SA and service providers interstate.

The range of our capabilities such as assessment, visualisation and design is ideally suited to providing the Energy Sector with the support it needs during the planning and implementation of energy infrastructure.

Whether you are a community group, consultant, energy company or individual, Hemisphere Design can work with you through the whole planning process, so please contact us – details at the bottom of the page.

Tailem Bend Solar Project Visual Impact Assessment

Tailem Bend Solar Project (Stage 2), Tailem Bend, SA

Lennane Orchard South Australia

Lennane Orchard, SA

Kangaroo Island’s New Seawater Desalination Plant

Kangaroo Island’s New Seawater Desalination Plant, SA

Chaff Mil Solar Farm Mintaro SA

Chaff Mill Solar Farm, Mintaro, SA

Tailem Bend Solar Project photomontage

Tailem Bend Solar Project, Tailem Bend, SA

Barn Hill Windfarm

Barn Hill Windfarm, Barn Hill, SA

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